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Test Tubes with Rim
Test Tubes with Rim
Test tubes with rims for easy transfer of liquids. Made of heat resistant borosilicate glass. Available in different sizes and packaging
Product Code: TT9800 $45.00


Glass Alcohol Thermometer, (-20C, 110C)
Glass Alcohol Thermometer, (-20C, 110C)
This glass alcohol filled thermometer is recommended for laboratory use, educational use and general science experiments. Black numbering on a white or yellow background and red alcohol indicator make this thermometer easy to read. Alcohol thermometers are environmentally safe for use at home or school.
Product Code: GAT20110 $7.50 & Up


Glass Beakers
Glass Beakers

Beakers are very important components of a lab.  They are the most used piece of laboratory glassware because of their use in making/mixing solutions.  These beakers can be placed over direct heat to heat up solutions.

Product Code: BEAKERSG $24.00 & Up


Flasks, Erlenmeyer
Flasks, Erlenmeyer
Erlenmeyer flasks are commonly used for simple measuring, storing and mixing of liquids. These flasks can be placed over direct heat to heat up solutions. Available in 3 sizes.
Product Code: EMFLASK $4.50 & Up


Glass Beaker Set
Glass Beaker Set
An ideal set of glass beakers for any laboratory. This set contains 5 borosilicate glass beakers in sizes 50ml, 100ml, 250ml, 600ml, and 1000ml. Each beaker is individually boxed and the complete set is in a larger box.
Product Code: BGSET5 $25.00 & Up


Glass Erlenmeyer Flask, Set of 5
Glass Erlenmeyer Flask, Set of 5
Set of 5 Erlenmeyer Flasks made of heat resistant borosilicate glass for use in the classroom, laboratory or personal hobby. Each set consists of one of each of the following size flasks: 50ml, 125ml, 250ml, 500ml, and 1000ml.
Product Code: FGSET5 $26.00 & Up


Plastic Beakers, Single piece, molded of translucent plastic, with raised numerical graduations on the inside. Resistant to most common acids, bases and solvents. Has a broad base for stability. All sizes have pouring spouts. Does not have meniscus. Autoclavable to 130 Degrees C. Nestable.
Product Code: 2205 $1.59 & Up


Graduated Measuring Cylinder, Polypropylene
Graduated Measuring Cylinder, Polypropylene
Single piece molded translucent plastic, with raised numerical graduation. Resistant to most common acids, bases and solvents. Has a broad base for stability. All sizes have pouring spouts. Does not have meniscus.

Autoclavable to 130șC.

Product Code: AS2203 $2.00 & Up


Watch Glasses (Pack of 12)
Watch Glasses (Pack of 12)
Clear watch glasses are used for weighing and drying small amounts of material. These watch glasses are perfect for science project displays where you need to display minerals, insects, crystals and many other materials.
Product Code: GLWATCH $16.00 & Up


Drying Tube with Side Arms
Drying Tube with Side Arms
This Drying Tube is perfect for drying gases with granular desiccants (water absorbent chemicals). It is made of borosilicate glass and can be placed in direct flame for heating. 
Product Code: DRYTUB $4.50


Glass Alcohol Burner Lamp
Glass Alcohol Burner Lamp
This Glass Alcohol Burner Lamp is made of molded soda glass with tightly fitting sealed brass cap.  Alcohol is poured by removing the threaded brass wick holder.  This high quality burner is equipped with a glass cap for easy extinguishing of the flame and to prevent evaporation of the alcohol.  The capacity measures 125 mL. 
Product Code: GLALBURN $8.00


Distillation Apparatus
Distillation Apparatus
For batch production of high purity water, phenol etc. by distillation. This general purpose apparatus includes a borosilicate flask (round or flat bottom) with 19/38 interchangeable joint, Graham type condenser with 200mm jacket and 19/ 38 joint at the top and an interchangeable stopper.
Product Code: GDISTSET1 $85.00


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