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Postal Hand Scale
Postal Hand Scale
These Postal Hand Scales provide an inexpensive method of weighing for postage. The Postal Hand Scales weigh 100 grams in 1 gram increments. One side of the hand scales reads grams and the other reads ounces. They are available in gold or silver color.
Product Code: BLKH $4.50


Weight Hanger, 50-gram, Aluminum
Weight Hanger, 50-gram, Aluminum
Aluminum weight hanger for use with slotted weights. It weighs 50 g and the stem length is 16 cm. The diameter of the stem is 5mm. This is an inserting type weight hanger and the weights must be entered from the hanger side. The diameter of the rod is 4.85mm.

Can be used with Slotted Weight (product code P52612)

Old product code WHNG50A.

Product Code: WH50A $7.50 & Up


Weights or masses
Weights or masses
Small weights or masses are available in a set or for individual sales in 1 gram, 2 grams, 5 grams, 20 grams and 100 grams.
Product Code: WEIGHT_5 $2.00 & Up


Pocket Weighing Scale (Pen Scale)
Pocket Weighing Scale (Pen Scale)
These scales have a strong aerospace aluminum frame and body that is more durable and accurate than plastic competitors. Simply clip your item with the integrated clip and hold the LAB scale in the air for an accurate weight.
Product Code: PEN $8.00 & Up


Primary Balance Scale
Primary Balance Scale
A durable plastic balance from MiniScience. Designed to teach young children the concepts of mass and weight. Ideal for elementary level.
Product Code: PBS1 $5.50 & Up


Triple Beam Balance Scale
Triple Beam Balance Scale
The sturdiest choice for the classroom with a strong metal housing, stainless steel weighing pan, and a larger overall body than other triple beam balances.
New version of TRIPBB balance.
Product Code: TBB $95.00 & Up


Elementary Balance Scale, Student Scale with Weights
Elementary Balance Scale, Student Scale with Weights
A durable plastic balance this Elementary Balance is a great science tool for teaching young scientists the basic concepts of mass and mass measurement.

Balance has a plastic slider that zeros the balance. Fitted tray lids convert buckets to make platforms.
You may choose this scale with only plastic weights or with both plastic weights and metal weights. Metal weights include 2 each of 1g, 2g, 5g and 10g weights, and 1 each of 20g and 50g weights.

Product Code: AS5101 $20.00 & Up


Dune Compact Scales
Dune Compact Scales
A lightweight and portable scale with large, easy to read LCD display. The Dune scales offer 3 weighing options (g, lb, oz)
Product Code: DUNEDCT $69.00 & Up


Lever Balance, Dual Scale
Lever Balance, Dual Scale
The Dual Scale Lever Balance features a single pan balance with a three point base and a leveling screw. This balance has a dual scale of 0-250g with 1g intervals and 0-1 kg with 10 g intervals. The scale range can be changed by lowering or raising the mass on the pointer arm.
Product Code: DUALB $32.00


Jennings Digital Pocket Scale (275g)
Jennings Digital Pocket Scale (275g)
This Jennings pocket scale has all the features and a great, user friendly design.
Product Code: PSJS275B $26.00

Special Order!


Digi Weigh, Digital Jewelry Scale (250g)
Digi Weigh, Digital Jewelry Scale (250g)
This pocket scale is perfect for a variety of applications. Whether you have to weigh jewelry or chemical substances, this scale is perfect for the job.
Product Code: DIGIW250G $27.50

Special Order!


Easy to use, precision scale for jewelry, medicine, chemicals, special metals and any other substance up to 500 grams with 0.1g accuracy. Recommended for educational, industrial and light laboratory use.
Product Code: NPC-500 $16.50

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