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Educational Microscope MFL02
Educational Microscope MFL02
This is not a toy but an actual scientific instrument equivalent to microscopes used in intermediate and high schools worldwide. An educational investment that encourages students to increase their science knowledge through independent study, My First LabTM Microscope will be a useful tool for study throughout school years.Designed for use by ages 11 & up, this microscope is affordably priced, making it ideal for homeschool use.
Product Code: MFL02 $69.00 & Up

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Illuminated Pocket Microscope (30X)
Illuminated Pocket Microscope (30X)
This handy pocket microscope is perfect for conducting your own research at home or lab. You can investigate and explore the world around you. This pocket microscope is a good alternative to the much more expensive traditional, desktop microscopes.
Product Code: AS831 $10.00 & Up

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Illuminated Zoom Microscope 60X-100X
Illuminated Zoom Microscope 60X-100X
This is our smallest illuminated zoom microscope that provides 100 times linear magnification 10,000 times area magnification). Lenses are made of glass and provide clear images. It is an ideal pocket microscope for Electronic Engineers, Hobbyists, Printing, Plate making, Scientists and Students. Box measures 88mm x 40mm x 28mm. Each microscope comes with a synthetic leather pouch.
Product Code: MS10081A $6.00 & Up


Digital Microscope with USB connection
Digital Microscope with USB connection
This microscope gives you easy access to a close up view on common items around the house or the creepy crawlies from your backyard. The hand held aspect let you manipulate the microscope to view just about anything you may wish. It also comes with a handy stand making viewing small items a snap as well. It is easy; one touch focus wheel makes the magnifying power of up to 200X simple to control. This Microscope conveniently allows you to capture your view by still image or video with the press of a button.
Product Code: DM200 $65.00 & Up


Basic Illuminated 30X microscope
Basic Illuminated 30X microscope
This is the most basic illuminated pocket microscope with 30X magnification. Use it to investigate and explore the world around you and see what cannot be seen with naked eye. Measures about 5 .75" in length. Requires 2AA batteries, not included.
Product Code: LR2014 $12.00

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For junior to high school level students and hobbyists. Comprised of a horseshoe type base, vertical monocular body inclinable through 90 and a metal stage 110 x 110mm. Other important features are: Eyepiece: 10X W.F. with rotating pointer Objectives: Achromatic 4X,10X and 40X R (spring loaded) Magnification 100X to 400X Nosepiece: Triple Focusing: Adjustment knob with slip clutch mechanism to prevent drifting of the focus Diaphragm: Iris for controlling light Stage clip: Locked in place, spring loaded Illuminator: Substage plano-concave mirror or light source (optional) Packing: Styrofoam box with dust cover
Product Code: 1305 $120.00

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Microscope Slides
Microscope Slides
Blank Microscope Slides are 1" x 3" with ground edges and 1 to 1.3mm tick. They come in packs of 72 ans are available in plain or frosted forms. The small frosted area make it possible to write on the glass using a regular pencil.
Product Code: MSLIDE $4.25 & Up


Microscope Slides Staining Kit
Microscope Slides Staining Kit
This Slides Staining Kit consists of 3 types of stains to help view different sections of plants and animal tissues as well as bacteria's and protozoa's. This set is a welcome addition to any home or professional lab and is essential in micro organism studies
Product Code: SSTAINKIT $16.00

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Microscope Slides and Covers
Microscope Slides and Covers
These glass microscope slides and covers are blemish free and clear so that you can see your results and not the imperfections. They are perfect for your home or laboratory.
Product Code: MSLIDECOV $7.50


Advanced, Illuminated Pocket Microscope (100X)
Advanced, Illuminated Pocket Microscope (100X)
This handy pocket microscope has all the features of a small pocket microscope plus the features of a more advanced desktop microscope.
Product Code: AS832 $14.00 & Up


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