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Science Kits

Electromagnet Science Kits (New)
Electromagnet Science Kits (New)
Build an electromagnet, an electrical catapult, a doorbell chime, a telegraph, an electromagnetic relay and more with this electromagnetism science set.
Product Code: KITEM $15.00 & Up


The Gauss Rifle (Magnetic linear Accelerator)
The Gauss Rifle (Magnetic linear Accelerator)
Magnetic linear accelerator also known as the Gauss Rifle uses a magnetic chain reaction to launch a steel ball at high speed.

This is a very simple project to build, it takes only a few minutes to put together. It is simple to understand and explain, and fascinating to watch and use.

Product Code: GRIFLE $25.00 & Up


Slime Science Kit (Polymer)
Slime Science Kit (Polymer)
Learn about the scientific world of slime, and discover your talents in Chemistry, polymers and material science. Get a feeling on how scientists connect small molecules of gases and liquids and make solid plastics and rubbers.

This kit includes materials to make 5 different slimes: Glooze, Wiggly Wonder, Power Putty, Flip-Flop slime, and more. You may hear about chemicals such as Borax, Guar Gum, starch and polyvinyl acetate. But you will never know their real properties unless you perform hands-on experiments such as those described in Slime Science kit. This set does not have a colorful box. Instructions are online.

Product Code: EDSLIME $15.00 & Up


Wooden Generator Science Kit
Wooden Generator Science Kit
Constructing a wooden electric generator is one of the best ways to learn the principles of electric generators. Completed kit is about 4 inches long and 2 inches wide. The wood dowel axle is about 4 inches long.
Product Code: KITWG $20.00 & Up


Air/ Saltwater battery
Air/ Saltwater battery
AIRBAT science set contains the essential materials you need to perform the air/saltwater battery experiment.

This kit contains four electrodes so you can repeat your experiments at school if needed.

Product Code: AIRBAT $25.00


Simple Electric Circuit
Simple Electric Circuit
This set contains the essential materials used in construction of a simple electric circuit that can light up a light bulb. It includes a battery holder, switch, lamp holder, light bulb, connecting wires and a wooden board.
Product Code: KITSEC $6.50 & Up


Battery Life Test Kit
Battery Life Test Kit
Battery Life Test Kit includes essential materials and online instructions to assemble a basic electric circuit to test general purpose alkaline (dry cell) batteries.
Kit includes four battery holders, four lamp holders, 10 light bulbs, mounting board and enough screws.
You can use it to compare the life of AA batteries and record your data and make a bar chart.
Product Code: KITBLT $20.00 & Up


Magnet Motor Kit
Magnet Motor Kit
This is a set of materials for making a very simple Electric motor to demonstrate general concepts that make motors work. This motor has only one magnet (as stator) and one simple coil (as rotor). It can be powered by a AA battery (not included).

Instructions are available online.

Product Code: MMK $4.95 & Up


Bacteria Growth Science Kit
Bacteria Growth Science Kit
Growing bacteria is the main experiment for many biology projects, which is why you need proper materials and supplies. This kit includes all the proper essentials to grow bacteria and perform several different science projects and experiments.
Product Code: KITBG01 $21.00 & Up


Electricity & Conductivity
Electricity & Conductivity
Electricity and Conductivity Science Kit is a collection of the most useful elements that you need in order to experiment and understand electrical circuits, current, voltage and conductivity.

It also includes ideas and questions that help you to perform Scientific Experiments and to construct your science project with the scientific method.

Product Code: KITEC $19.50 & Up


DNA Model Science Set
DNA Model Science Set
Construct your very own 3-feet tall DNA model with this kit. Included in this kit are materials for the construction of a DNA model, online instructions, and additional helpful information about DNA molecules.
Product Code: MSDNA1 $27.00

Special Order!


Make Electricity Science Kit
Make Electricity Science Kit
Making electricity from chemicals is based on the same scientific principles on which all modern batteries work. You insert copper and zinc electrodes in an acidic liquid and produce some electricity from the chemical reaction between your electrodes and electrolyte.

This project will help students to learn about producing electrical energy using chemical energy.

Product Code: KITME $28.00 & Up


Hand Warmer Kit
Hand Warmer Kit
Ever wondered how hand warmers work? Well, wonder no more! Here is your chance to make your own hand warmer and learn the science behind it with this kit!

Kit includes sufficient materials to make 20 separate hand warmers/experiments.
Product Code: KITHW $19.90 & Up


Magnet Levitation Science Set
Magnet Levitation Science Set
Discover the gravity defying effects of magnetism through experiments in equilibrium, gravity, and magnetic fields. Then build a Magnetic Levitation Train with this kit.

If you need additional magnetic strips or want to make your own kits, please use the product code MAGTAPE.

Product Code: KITML $19.98 & Up


Specific Gravity Set
Specific Gravity Set
Consists of 300ml aluminum catch bucket, aluminum overflow can with angled spout and three hooked cubes of different metals. For use in finding the volume, density and specific gravity of an object.
Product Code: SGSET $35.00


Advanced Air Saltwater Battery Set
Advanced Air Saltwater Battery Set
This is the advanced/ long-life version of the standard Air/Saltwater battery.

AIRBATX science set contains the essential materials you need to perform the air/saltwater battery experiment and demonstrate the production of electricity for more than 24 hours.

This kit contains four flat magnesium electrodes and four iron electrodes. You can repeat your experiments with the same set of materials at home and in school for a total of 24 hours or more.

Product Code: AIRBATX $35.00


Starch Test Science Kit
Starch Test Science Kit
The starch test science kit has everything you need to detect and identify starch in different fruits, vegetables and other objects around you.
Product Code: KITST $15.00 & Up


Floating Rings Science Kit
Floating Rings Science Kit
This kit is the simplest version of demonstrating magnet levitation. This neat phenomenon demonstrates the very important characteristics of magnets.
Product Code: KITFR $12.00


Electromagnetism Advanced Science Kit
Electromagnetism Advanced Science Kit
This kit includes all the tools you need to learn electromagnetism. With this kit, you can do more than 30 experiments involving electromagnetics and magnets.

Same as Advanced Electromagnetism Kit, Part# KITEM

Product Code: EDEM $30.00 & Up


Solar Science Kit
Solar Science Kit
Solar Cells also called photovoltaic cells are finding their way into thousands of uses world wide. This kit is an economical introduction to photovoltaics, also known as PV.
Product Code: SSCIKIT $12.95


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